Renewing passport much more easier nowadays ( pembaharuan passport melalui kios )

If you are looking forward to renew your passport (malaysia), there are much easier way of doing it. It's either by going to the immigration or you can just do it online, but i did not know how the online system works. but if you are going to renew your passport at the immigration in presint 15, Putrajaya it would be much easier ;D 
there's actually a machine where you don't actually have to wait long, but of course you have to wait for your turn to use the machine. what you would need are just few things:

1. your MYKAD.
2. your current passport
3. a passport sized photograph 
( the background should be white if you renew the passport at putrajaya)
4. cash.
depends : RM100 for 2 years passport
and RM 300 for 5 years passport

And, this is how it works:


You can collect your passport either on that day or
the next day, yeayyy ;D 

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