international baccalaureate kolej mara banting

What is International Baccalaureate, Kolej Mara Banting? (:

In Malaysia, there are a lot of preparation programs such as A-level, American Degree Foundation Programme, Australia Matriculation known as Ausmat, Canadian pre-university and many more. Keep in mind that International baccalaureate is different from other programs and the most busiest i would say. so prepare yourself (: Okay, basically, the first thing you would see when you google, is the international baccalaureate hexagon and less people talk about international baccalaureate in kolej mara banting, yes because they are all busy with their own schedule /: there are few things you must know.
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Mara College Banting
There are six subjects that you must take and three bonus points would be from the extended essay and theory of knowledge ( TOK ). Mostly, students would prefer to take three subjects of higher level, and another three would be from standard level. The subjects would include from every  ' group ', It is required that students choose one subject from each of the 1 - 5 group: 

1. group 1 : language A1
( at kolej mara banting, they offer malay literature, you
can take other language if you wish )

2. group 2 : second language
( during my batch, engineering students would take
English standard level and medic students would take
English Higher level)

3. group 3 : individual and societies
Kolej mara banting would offer three subjects which are
the economics, business, and ITGS.

4. group 4: experimental sciences 

5. group 5: mathematics and computer science
( engineering students would take mathematics HL, whereas,
medic students would choose mathematics SL, but well, it depends on you to choose)

6. group 6 : the arts
( well, studennts can choose to study a group 6 subject, or they can study an additional subject from 1 to 5 , so i don't take group 6 subject ) 

Besides that, there are other core elements in international baccalaureate hexagon. They are the extended essay( EE), Theory of Knowledge ( TOK ) and creative, action service ( CAS ) and these are the important elements that you must complete before you can get your diploma. I would write about them in details in another posts. (: let's take a look at few pictures of kmb: 
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kolej mara banting
mara college banting, kolej mara banting , basketball court, kmb
basketball court

cendol, laksa, rojak bangi :)

Let's talk about food. the first thing i planned to do right after coming home was , looking for food. yes,food. i love local cuisine. most of the malaysian cuisine have been commercialize and changed a bit but there are still places where you can find local food ;D nah, am not talking about that . nak cakap pasal, cendol pulut ! refreshing especially during the hot weather. nah, makan kat bangi, its cheap and ada laksa, bi hun sup, and other foods juga. cendol pulut dalam RM 2.20 if i'm not mistaken.

cendol rojak laksa bangi
(: cendol pulut, bangi.

cendol pulut bangi
                                                                           cendol pulut :)
bihun sup bangi
bihun sup :)

Rojak biasa: RM 3.00
Rojak Mee: RM 3.50
Bihun Sup Ayam RM 3.50
Bihun Sup tulang RM.5.50
CENDOL: 1.20


what you miss about college right now?

I know most of Malaysian matriculation programme and International baccalaureate(IB) students are currently enjoying their long holidays :) so, mesti ada rindu banyak benda pasal college, right? so, what do you miss about college? 

When I scroll through pictures on my phone, i found something that I miss right now (: 
1. Vending machine.
I can still remember the day everyone was so busy completing their extended essay, T.O.K, and maths portfolio. We spent less hours doing other homework and chose to spend our time inside our own room. Sometimes, when i'm too lazy to walk to cafe or even to ko-op, i would start counting my coins to buy drinks from the vending machines :) before i left the other day, i took the picture of Block E's vending machine, Nah:

vending machine

2. The Cartridge 
I refused to bring printer when i first came to kmb, i planned to go home every weekend so i wouldn't need any printer but i changed my mind during the second semester. Every time, i changed the cartridge, i kept the old one to remind myself of the issue I had when i first changed it. 

                                   I used all of these to print my ee, tok, IA, maths portfolio :)

3. Mum's Bake chocolate chip
During the irp session, we ate as much as we study. I didn't even have a picture of our irp group but hope that all of us would be at graduation. i went to Giant store, and found the chocolate chip we loooooooveeeee to eat together. hahaha ;D and its delicious!

mum's bake


to a friend i owe her an apology

This post is dedicated to a friend i owe
her an apology ;D

This morning, when i woke up, i took few minutes lying on the bed remembering those days i spent with my friends in kmb and it remind me of someone i think i owe her an apology. i don't know how we first talked to each other but i think during the orientation week, i never spoke to her and didn't even acknowledge her existence until class sessions started. We became closed to each other during the second semester she became weirder and weirder every semester but the most funniest thing she did was during class presentation or whenever she was asked to talk in front of the crowd, she would do some kind of a 'kungfu panda' action with a voice ' haikkk' when she did something wrong. So what we did was, we always asked her to talk in front of others even during the irp sessions just to see her funny act.

She used a cheap nokia phone during the first two semester and we always make fun of her phone and what her reaction was " takkan tukar phone,takkan, sayang kat phone ni "and suddenly she bought the latest phone (samsung galaxy note) . I can still recall the first time she showed me the brand new phone she kept in her bag. she told me that i shouldn't tell anyone but what i did was telling one of my friend " hey, she got a new phone, please don't tell anyone" (she knew i would do this) and the next thing happen was the whole class knew she got a new phone. haha. after few weeks later, everyone in the class bought a new phone and she told me that "alaa, rugi beli sekarang, sekejap je jadi hot". i know you would laugh reading this.

She left her galaxy note three times in the class, at the concourse ( i couldn't recall the other place) and she was lucky that she found it back --". I never saw her in a bad mood, even we always   make fun of each other until one day i discovered what actually can make her mood swing. FOOD. lately the kakak cafe were not as efficient as before, so they forgot to make her food and she argued with them and suddenly became like the hulk :p (exaggerating) so now i knew how to make you mad. weee :) we had a lot of fun things together even though sometimes it may be annoying to others. so, i would like to apologize for everything i did back then. hope to see you at graduation. whenever, a friend (not from kmb) asked me so, who is this girl? my respond would be: Nah, she is just an ordinary girl from naim lilbanat :) 

the past few days

tell the world that i'm coming home "
i kept on repeating this song again and again
during the past exam week, but then when i'm 
already HOME, suddenly, I DON'T KNOW
 what to do, so i need a planner, but couldn't figure out 
what to plan yet :) so, this is what i do for the past few days :

1. I took an hour, driving around bandar tun hussein onn,
well, i miss my friends but i don't think they are here :)
so i decided to go to papa rich with dania at Lake valley 
because i'm craving for ' milo dinosaur ' ;D 
fucuk goreng, milo dinosaur paparich lake valley
They changed the name from milo dinosaur to 
COCO DINOSAUR , but it's just the same milo tabur :p

2. The next thing i did was sleep sleep sleep
and sleep, that's how i actually recharge my mind
from two years of not enough sleep ;D

3. Abang Syahmie's family came to ' merisik ' kak sara
and he even bought me cake for my birthday , thankyou


Finally, i'm back ;D

means new life
and new life after ib definitely referring to freedom
About this new template, i actually spent few hours
searching for the best template that suits my new definition of life 
it looks a bit messy, but the layout was well organized, thumbs up ;D

regarding the upper part background, i couldn't do anything
so i choose to leave it that way - clean my desk, feed the cat, 
and SAVE THE PLANET ! i choose to locate sunrise picture in KMB 
on the left side of the picture space so that i won't forget all the things
i learnt there. The other picture should tell you that " It's good to be home again".

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