medical engineering di cardiff. (:

Engineering are divided into several branches.

The most common would be mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil etc. ( antara yang terkenal di Malaysia) but there are several of other branches that people didn't realize it exist. medical engineering. well i decided to choose this course when i was in kolej mara banting (international baccalaureate), wasn't an easy decision to make. it took me few months to really firm with my decision. 

There are few universities talk held back then when i was in KMB meeting few of the professors, universities' officer ( i think ) explaining different branch of engineering. I was really interested with medical engineering or also known as biomedical engineering. kalau kat Malaysia ada course ni di UTM, UNIKL. kalau taksilap. There are a lot of universities in united kingdom offering this course and so i choose the road less traveled. hew hew. And when i came here i just realized that there are few malaysian students in this course as well. 

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How medical engineering was taught in different universities varies. In Cardiff, during our first year we would be studying the basic knowledge related to engineering. in the first semester there would be engineering analysis ( which is maths), engineering applications ( where you have practical, laboratory work, lab report, math lab drawing ) , network analysis ( something related to electrical stuff), english communication and development (cv writing, etc), mechanics, thermofluids. medical engineering is related to mechanical engineering. what differs from it is the anatomy and physiology module which will be in second semester. 

Besides that, few laboratory practicals are different. we have our own laboratory practical which relates to medical engineering applications. contohnya, biomaterials test. test untuk mengenali bahan mana paling sesuai untuk di gantikan untuk tulang yang patah. Lagi satu , screw testing, untuk mengenali skru mana yang sesuai digunakan untuk memegang tulang yang patah.interesting? (: There are a lot of other things i will discover, but for now that is what i know. 

Sekarang, masih musim autumn yang menantikan winter.
kenapa sukaaaa autumnnnnn?
Bumi Cardiff, sangat menenagkan. (:

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