Why we love autumn - 5 reasons.

Why we love autumn.
why do i have to repeat the question? (: ans: to emphasize. 
well, maybe it is not " we " its just me. 

1. beautiful leaves turned orange, yellow? every morning i wake up, on my way to class i would be able to see the the leaves falling down. Its rare to see the sun shine bright. but the most painful thing is to have a dry skin. sometimes, you can see the cloud so clear. <33

(: golden yellow i would say
2. A warm drink and a cup of coffee
when the temperature drops, its a big change for me. couldn't find other ways to warm my self rather than having a cup of warm drink. coffeeeee? no. i lied. i don't drink coffee. 

because you will need warm coats or whatever you call it. in autumn. its raining most of the time. managed to get myself a waterproof jacket. i can't bring umbrella , you don't wanna know why (:

4. Taking pictures
because the scenery and views are just fascinating  (:
i bet a lot of photographer would love to capture the beauty of nature. awwwh. <33
autumn leaves yellow leaves tree cardiff cardiff student union autumn leaves drop

autumn leaves yellow leaves tree cardiff cardiff student union autumn leaves drop

winter break.weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


How do I like Cardiff so far? -naurahnorzan

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

let's start this post with a typical question that i always get, " How do you like Cardiff so far?" (: well , this question is too random that i couldn't sometimes explain how i feel about this city. Its only two months here, but yes , Cardiff is a nice city, the people, the place, the view.  but not the weather, but yeah we still adapting right? Because some of  my friends and juniors keep asking me about Cardiff University, i think i probably just write a post in this blog rather thn replying the same thing again and again. Its not that I'm too busy its just I'm lazy ( and i don't have good chemistry with touchscreeeennnnsmartphone).

First of all , this is Cardiff University,

cardiff university univeristy cardiffuni mainbuildingcardiff cardiffbuilding cardiffcity beautiful
  I capture this picture myself. Not a good photographer, so don't judge my picture (: In United Kingdom there are many environment types of universities. It can be campus style, city style, or collegiate. well so if you are interested in applying to UK, make sure you choose which one you like. Cardiff is a city university which is so near to the city centre. meoww (: you get to see a lot of people from all ages not only students. the location of one department to another is like 10 mins walking , but not for medic student because heath park is 40 mins walking from the main building. 

Alright, lets talk about subjects and academic stuff. I don't  know for other course, but for medical engineering, we basically have six subjects in total for the first semester. you have to pass 40% for each subject in order to proceed to year two. However, in year two you will need to pass 60%, to go for master and 40% for bachelor. (: there is one subject which helps you a lot especially for jobs interview or summer placement. In that module, you will have presentation, curriculum vitae writing and a lot more. well, about the subjects, you gonna find its hard when you don't focus in class. It's that simple aite? (: there are three long lab reports that you have to do ( new  format this year) and you will be given a week to finish one lab report. well, this is the most tiring part i think. I don't  like writing reports but that's what i have to deal with ;p 

To those who ask me about the entry requirement, you can just check the university website. but during my time for international baccalaureate, total point of 34 including maths HL and physics HL. I didn't take A-levels before, I couldn't help, sorry. 

Autumn.and me.

Autumn (:

During my high school days, i never thought of studying abroad.
United kingdom? Canada? what i care at that moment was how to score good results in SPM, and praying hard not to get PLKN. ( joke! i guess? ) Anyway,  i got several offers from local universities which are University Malaya (UM) and University Technology Petronas (UTP). but i choose Kolej Mara Banting (KMB) -International Baccalaureate. Never thought it was that hard but yet still survived. Alhamdulillah. I would just wanna share the first feeling of seeing the leaves turned golden yellow. I never been to europe // uk before :) this picture captures the moment i won't forget. grateful to be here. 

autumn leaves autumn leaves cardiff united kingdom united


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