to a friend i owe her an apology

This post is dedicated to a friend i owe
her an apology ;D

This morning, when i woke up, i took few minutes lying on the bed remembering those days i spent with my friends in kmb and it remind me of someone i think i owe her an apology. i don't know how we first talked to each other but i think during the orientation week, i never spoke to her and didn't even acknowledge her existence until class sessions started. We became closed to each other during the second semester she became weirder and weirder every semester but the most funniest thing she did was during class presentation or whenever she was asked to talk in front of the crowd, she would do some kind of a 'kungfu panda' action with a voice ' haikkk' when she did something wrong. So what we did was, we always asked her to talk in front of others even during the irp sessions just to see her funny act.

She used a cheap nokia phone during the first two semester and we always make fun of her phone and what her reaction was " takkan tukar phone,takkan, sayang kat phone ni "and suddenly she bought the latest phone (samsung galaxy note) . I can still recall the first time she showed me the brand new phone she kept in her bag. she told me that i shouldn't tell anyone but what i did was telling one of my friend " hey, she got a new phone, please don't tell anyone" (she knew i would do this) and the next thing happen was the whole class knew she got a new phone. haha. after few weeks later, everyone in the class bought a new phone and she told me that "alaa, rugi beli sekarang, sekejap je jadi hot". i know you would laugh reading this.

She left her galaxy note three times in the class, at the concourse ( i couldn't recall the other place) and she was lucky that she found it back --". I never saw her in a bad mood, even we always   make fun of each other until one day i discovered what actually can make her mood swing. FOOD. lately the kakak cafe were not as efficient as before, so they forgot to make her food and she argued with them and suddenly became like the hulk :p (exaggerating) so now i knew how to make you mad. weee :) we had a lot of fun things together even though sometimes it may be annoying to others. so, i would like to apologize for everything i did back then. hope to see you at graduation. whenever, a friend (not from kmb) asked me so, who is this girl? my respond would be: Nah, she is just an ordinary girl from naim lilbanat :) 

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