the past few days

tell the world that i'm coming home "
i kept on repeating this song again and again
during the past exam week, but then when i'm 
already HOME, suddenly, I DON'T KNOW
 what to do, so i need a planner, but couldn't figure out 
what to plan yet :) so, this is what i do for the past few days :

1. I took an hour, driving around bandar tun hussein onn,
well, i miss my friends but i don't think they are here :)
so i decided to go to papa rich with dania at Lake valley 
because i'm craving for ' milo dinosaur ' ;D 
fucuk goreng, milo dinosaur paparich lake valley
They changed the name from milo dinosaur to 
COCO DINOSAUR , but it's just the same milo tabur :p

2. The next thing i did was sleep sleep sleep
and sleep, that's how i actually recharge my mind
from two years of not enough sleep ;D

3. Abang Syahmie's family came to ' merisik ' kak sara
and he even bought me cake for my birthday , thankyou

Captainnaurah:naurah norzan welcome to my blog ;D

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