what you miss about college right now?

I know most of Malaysian matriculation programme and International baccalaureate(IB) students are currently enjoying their long holidays :) so, mesti ada rindu banyak benda pasal college, right? so, what do you miss about college? 

When I scroll through pictures on my phone, i found something that I miss right now (: 
1. Vending machine.
I can still remember the day everyone was so busy completing their extended essay, T.O.K, and maths portfolio. We spent less hours doing other homework and chose to spend our time inside our own room. Sometimes, when i'm too lazy to walk to cafe or even to ko-op, i would start counting my coins to buy drinks from the vending machines :) before i left the other day, i took the picture of Block E's vending machine, Nah:

vending machine

2. The Cartridge 
I refused to bring printer when i first came to kmb, i planned to go home every weekend so i wouldn't need any printer but i changed my mind during the second semester. Every time, i changed the cartridge, i kept the old one to remind myself of the issue I had when i first changed it. 

                                   I used all of these to print my ee, tok, IA, maths portfolio :)

3. Mum's Bake chocolate chip
During the irp session, we ate as much as we study. I didn't even have a picture of our irp group but hope that all of us would be at graduation. i went to Giant store, and found the chocolate chip we loooooooveeeee to eat together. hahaha ;D and its delicious!

mum's bake

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