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Been using blackberry smartphone since i first enter college. my first phone is blackberry curve i couldn't recall what exactly the model was . After like a year , i bought a new one , but different model , the latest at that time perhaps. blackberry torch. well ,  one of the advantage for me is , i love to text using keypad instead of the touch screen. Let's talk about the thing that i love about blackberry :

  1. as mentioned earlier . the keyyypaddddddd. 
  2. e-mail would be easier to access.
  3. smaller size smartphone
  4. the theme is clean 
  5. blackberry applications world.
  6. and of course , blackberry internet service.
That's what i can think of right now . however, not to mention that there are few problems i experienced. one of it would be the battery. The battery couldn't last long maybe because of the applications that is running twenty four hours. but yeah , if you decide to buy blackberry i assure you to buy power bank as well. yeah yeah yeah .other problems would be the smartphone would be hang sometimes , or maybe you need to upgrade your blackberry applications world.

let me tell you guys what exactly happens to both of my blackberry ;D

BLACKBERRY CURVE: Trackpad not working anymore.
BLACKBERRY TORCH : Slide problem.

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I just love this blackberry cover ;D 

Captainnaurah:naurah norzan welcome to my blog ;D

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