Asslamualaikum w.b.t , 
it's been a long time since i stop blogging :) i've been busy with my daily routine as an IB student . This semester gonna be the hectic one . I know that i would be busy doing my extended essay , focusing on my theory of knowledge presentation , essay , but let's forget about that , i've been thinking to update my blog weekly so that i won't miss any important and precious moments. oh and this is my new blog with new blog url and name :) i'll tell the reason later someday. and let's just forget the past , shall we ? Success , yes everyone knows the meaning right :) i can see everyone are trying their very best to achieve success including me myself , but then to what extent that success that we chased would promise us true happiness ?:)I just wanna share something i learn from a motivational camp i attend few years back.
Its the " seven stops for successful people " :

7 perhentian insan berjaya :
Arah ----> Hidayah
Tujuan ----> Ibadah
Jalan ----> Syariat
Bekalan ----> Solat 
Pendorong ----> Bahagia 
Penghalang ----> Dosan
Akhir ----> Mati

this is a reminder to myself. oh and ahlan wa sahlan ramadhan. :)
by: naurahfaiqahsyazwani.

Captainnaurah:naurah norzan welcome to my blog ;D

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